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Knjige - Artistic Intarsia Projects

Gradivo je dodal: Behemot, Pon, 12.nov 2012 ob 15:51, Kategorija Knjige
Artistic Intarsia Projects -
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Garnet Hall, author of Art of Intarsia and Creative Intarsia Projects, is back with more fabulous techniques and breathtaking projects that take the art to new and exciting levels. Intarsia involves cutting different types and shades of wood into shapes and then assembling them to create an intricate design: the resulting piece is rich in color and appealingly dimensional. With this guide in hand, beginners will have all the advice they need on cutting and fitting accurately, raising and lowering the pieces to get the look of relief carving, and shaping, sanding, and texturing the wood. The great patterns and projects feature a bright toucan on a branch, chicken kitchen clock, an astral mirror, and an Arctic scene.

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1895569699
  • Na voljo samo en izvod.


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Avtor: Hall, G.
Založba: Sterling